“Rescue: It’s not a verb, it’s a promise.” 

Dream Fetchers believes in rescue. From “trash to treasure”, we see the capacity for a rescue dog to not only give back to humans, but also to be given the love back.


We have confidence in these dogs, who to no fault of their own, have been let down by humans. Project Rescue collaborates with like-minded animal lovers that are dedicated to being a voice for those who cannot speak, to save them from the neglect, abuse, and hopelessness they are in; to a life of new beginning and promise.  Our affiliates see the beauty within each rescue, not caring as to how a dog looks or they aren’t a pedigree. They see each little life as precious, vowing that each will learn love and trust and know that they are not disposable; that they are valued. Together we will restore their spirit so that their tails can wag once again.


We are an entire canine community comprised of loving, self-less souls, determined to protect, cherish, and raise a rescue dog.  No drama, no gossip, no judgment, no ulterior motives – just united in operation under the guise that every animal has the best ability to become a healthy and happy pet if the entire community takes an active role in contributing to the nurturing of the dog. We share leads, requests, opportunities, needs, pleas, and resources while harmoniously striving towards our common end goal in mind – save as many lives as we can, one paw at a time.


Sadly, not all stories have happy endings, but if we do not have the courage to tell of these travesties, we cannot stop the problem. Our hope that no story goes untold and that these beloved animals smile down from the Rainbow Bridge knowing through their suffering we bring enlightenment and awareness and hence the cessation of cruelty to all beings.


A dog’s affection is timeless, their devotion is ageless, and their love is forever. We can’t change a dog’s past but we can rewrite his future! 

Dream Fetchers is going to make a difference!

Meet Faith Easdale of Project Rescue...

Growing up traveling and moving from place to place actually helped me find myself. My Father was in the military, we never lived in any place for long. I felt lonely, sad, and found my comfort in animals. Animals became a part of me. I spent my days searching for strays that were traveling alone like me. I would sit and hold them pulling stickers out of their eyes, talk with them and ensuring them we were all going to be ok. As I grew up and got married and had my children I came to a place in which my sadness and loneliness from my past brought me to my future.

Knowing first hand the sadness, loneliness, fear, and the worthlessness an orphan, dumped, stray dog feels I have been lead to my mission. There are monsters among us and they are human. I don't even know how we all as humans breathe the same oxygen. I believe I have found what love, trust and comfort means in rescuing animals.

They are not disposable, they feel the same emotions that we do. My love for an animal is beyond what they think of when they claim to love an animal. They bring me unconditional love.

My mission to find the travelers, the dumped , the orphans, the sacred, the lonely animals has taken me to river beds, mountain tops, rough neighborhoods , anywhere an animal in distress is found. There is no place out of my reach , no animal to big or to small, sick or healthy that I will not rescue. They deserve to be safe and loved.

A voice for the voiceless, a hero for the lost. This is who I am. My past brought me to my future. I will fight the evilness, protect the abuse. I will sit with them once again and show them we are going to be ok.

“Dogs are pure they are innocent and at the mercy of humans and their choices for their lives good and so many times horrific and abusive.

 The world needs to see the suffering at the hands of humans the most evil animal on the planet.”  ~Faith Easdale~

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For more information on Project Rescue please e-mail us at dreamteam@dreamfetchers.org


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